Flexible capital solutions for late-stage technology companies


Our Team

A broad perspective and deep experience allow us to provide differentiated capital through non-control equity, credit, and structured investments in unique high-conviction opportunities.

We are a true capital partner, working closely with stakeholders to carefully craft the ideal capital solution.

Powerful Backing

We are a part of The Riverside Company, a global investment firm established in 1988 with $14 billion in assets under management. Riverside Technology Capital Solutions leverages Riverside’s scale and global reach to derive compelling insights and create synergies for our portfolio companies.

Areas of Focus

Growth Equity

Traditional growth equity firms invest within strict parameters, such as minimum check sizes and ownership. We provide flexible primary and secondary capital without these constraints and can lead rounds or follow other investors. We can invest in public equities, which allows us to support companies during and after an IPO.

Opportunistic Investments

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in differentiation across our investment process, resulting in us only seeking out the highest quality companies. We believe compelling opportunities are rare and can be bespoke in nature, but when these companies do come along, we leverage our extensive networks and experience in order to execute a successful partnership.

How We Invest

With high conviction

We conduct deep diligence on each investment opportunity so that we can act quickly and decisively. We only invest in the highest quality companies in situations that we understand deeply. Many of our portfolio companies rely on our comprehensive research for differentiated insights.

With support

We work on each investment as a team to share resources and expertise with our portfolio companies. This includes strategic support like identifying board members or senior hires, introducing customers (including other Riverside portfolio companies), and sourcing potential acquisition targets.

With your needs as a priority

We can make small or large investments without constraints around ownership percentage, transaction structure, or security type.

With experience

Riverside's extensive experience includes more than 100 investments in technology and software companies since 1988.

Investment Criteria & Structure

Investment Criteria

We typically invest between $5 million and $40 million in technology companies with the following characteristics:

  • Revenue run rate of at least $25 million
  • Growth rate of 25% or more

Investment Structure

Most Tech Solutions investments are primary or secondary, including both preferred and common equity.


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